The Pandemic Drives Virtual Summer Camps

What are your plans for this summer? Maybe with the health crisis, you thought that the idea of ​​attending a camp is simply impossible. Logic says yes, but what if there are other alternatives? Technology provides this possibility. Summer camps are a classic in the first weeks of summer. Every year, thousands of children and adolescents from all over the world prepare their backpack or suitcase to spend a few days away from home, in a different environment.

Virtual Summer Camps

This 2020, with the coronavirus, is not another year. The strict measures of distancing and hygiene would greatly hinder the normal development of any camp, where human contact is constant. Whether technological, sports, mountain or languages ​​…

How and how much would they have to change to guarantee the recommended two meters of safety, the almost uninterrupted use of the mask or the action of washing hands every two by three, being careful not to touch anything or anyone? It is difficult even to pose. For this reason, many of these camps have opted for the most comfortable and simple: this year there are none.

However, an initiative has appeared that solves the problem of contagion: virtual camps.

Although they have been around for several years, like this one from NASA on robotics, until now, their incidence was quite low. Well, how to convince a father and his son to sign up for one, through the screen, when he can go to another, in person?

Now, there is no other choice. If you want to attend one, it has to be like that, with the computer first. But beyond this fact, the truth is that virtual camps also have various benefits.

The Benefits of Virtual Camps

One of the main ones, as La Razón points out, is that the groups are very small. This is a great advantage, as it is more personalized. A monitor better attends and controls the learning of each assistant, as well as its evolution. It is also easier and more convenient to contact parents to report progress and impressions.

Others of these larger virtual camps host a large number of participants. In them, the relationship with the monitor may not be so close, but what remains is the learning dynamics, one of the bases of these experiences.

They teach all kinds of subjects. In particular, in recent years the technological branch of STEM, increasingly in demand in professional environments, has been gaining strength.

Companies like Apple have joined this trend and this year it offers Apple Camp for children from 8 to 12 years old, in which it combines technology with visual arts. Equally technical, there are also those focused on robotics and programming, such as Camp Aspire by Ubtech Education Stem Ecosystems, among many others. Now is a good time to get acquainted with these promising areas?

There are also free and themed ones more oriented to leisure than to teaching as such, such as these about Marvel superheroes, princesses or Harry Potter, although it really is not at odds to enjoy learning.

In any case, if you are interested in having a different experience, meeting friends and discovering and developing new skills and knowledge, you already know that, although the face-to-face camps are closed, there are numerous and varied options.

Is it possible to learn something constructive these weeks?

If you are older and cannot enrol in these, you have at your disposal different tools to learn at home. For example, if you are interested in programming, you can take these quick courses that will take little time. You can also learn Python, one of the programs with the most future, or learn how to create professional video games.

There are also very interesting courses on different digital disciplines, such as Bitcoin or Digital Marketing. The MiríadaX platform offers various online training on a wide variety of topics. If you are a Movistar Fusion customer and you have the UHD Decoder, you can access the Movistar Apps through the main menu of your Movistar television. In the Connect Employment App, you can discover more courses and information on digital skills.

Likewise, if you are curious about the world of drones, so fashionable too, you can build your own drone with Lego pieces and in a simple way. Everything is to take advantage of the time in something productive and with what, in addition, you have fun.

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