Steps To Complete McDonald’s Customer Survey

Taking the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey at is a good way to turn your receipt into a free discount coupon. It is also a good method to give your McDVOICE Survey feedback on their food and services to the restaurant. You experience and opinion will help them to build a better restaurant.

McDVoice Survey

To use printable coupons is easy. You just place your order as usual and hand the coupon and your money or credit card to the cashier who will follow the coupon redemption instruction to reduce the total purchase amount accordingly. You see if you use coupons properly they are as good as money because they can save your money. Generally speaking, coupons have always come with expiration dates. Before the expiration date, you can use the coupon to save some money. After the expiration date, it will be useless since most of the time merchants don’t want to accept expired coupons, but of course, there might be exceptions. If you have any doubt about using coupons, you can always ask the cashier during checkout.

How to Win Free Coupons and Sandwich?

To win free coupons or Sandwiches from McD Voice survey, you need to fill the questions with your answers. The process involved in winning those coupons is much easier if you are willing to participate. Check out the short guide give here to win free coupons and sandwiches.

  • You must visit any McDonald’s restaurant and have a bill receipt for the items purchased.
  • The survey should be taken within seven days from the date of purchase, and the review will be valid up to 30 days.
  • Once you participate in the survey by providing the required details, you will be given a validation code.
  • Come back to the nearest McDonald’s store with the validation code to get free coupons or sandwiches.
  • Just say your validation code at the billing counter and then you will be asked for the last date of visit.
  • Now you will be offered with either free coupons for next purchase or a sandwich.
  • Hope you can now get your coupons quickly and enjoying McDonald’s services.

Just check the menu list and order you loving dish by scratching the discount card given to you. You cannot gift or sell this code to anyone as it is against the terms and conditions of the McD Voice survey. As you can avail these discounts five times in a month, you can have earned five coupons for free. You can also add some points about your satisfaction in completing the survey by adding comments. McDonald’s objective is to serve better and lead better so their customers will never get disappointed.

Benefits of McDvoice Survey

mcdonalds survey

  • You can get some rewards like cashback points, discounts, offers, free burgers, etc.
  • It benefits you by improving the quality with your valuable feedback so that you can never miss enjoying McDonald’s food items.
  • You can get a free validation code which can be used on your next visit to grab incredible deals.
  • Lucky winners who took part in the McDVoices survey can get cash prizes too.

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