Disposable Gloves and Face Masks

Until a few months ago, in supermarkets, we were asked to change plastic bags for paper or fabric. Today, we are all forced to pick up disposable gloves before entering the market. What has changed?

Keep in mind that we are in an exceptional moment. A pandemic continues to mistreat much of the world and the use of the mask is practically mandatory. But really, do you need both disposable masks and gloves to be disposable and also plastic?

Disposable Gloves

The answer is no. There are many alternatives to this. These include the use of cloth or reusable masks and the replacement of latex or plastic gloves for more frequent hand washing. In addition, it is essential to know which mask to buy according to your situation.

The ecology experts fear that the use of these products cause increased pollution and warn that these wastes already pose a threat to marine life.

Latex gloves and disposable masks at sea

Since the de-escalation began, masks and gloves have been found floating in the Mediterranean daily. Environmentalists are concerned that soon there will be more “remains of the COVID” than jellyfish.

The French NGO Opération Mer Propre was the first to raise the alarm about what was happening. The organization seeks that people start using reusable masks and that gloves are replaced by more conscious and repeated hand washing.

The problem has been between us for years

As early as 2018, according to an estimate by the United Nations Environment Program, it was warned that 570,000 tons of plastic arrive in the Mediterranean every year, which is equivalent to throwing almost 34,000 plastic bottles into the sea every minute.

Last year, Movistar + and the BBC he declared war on the plastic on a documentary consists of 3 episodes in which he challenged Bristol neighbours to reduce their spending plastic.

The documentary invited to reflect on the consumption we make daily and explained that every second we throw 200 kilos of plastic into the ocean. In other words: every minute we throw the equivalent of a garbage truck into the water, that is, about 8 million tons a year.

Now what is feared is that the pandemic will add yet another type of contamination to our planet. We still have time to save our environment, let’s do it.

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