Artificial Eye with the Same Structure as a Biological One

The advent of technology has made the concept of bionic possible. An example of this is prosthetics created by 3D printers. The novelty is in an artificial eye capable of seeing as a human.

Over the years, technology has managed to help those people who have some natural function affected. We know the case of bionic extremities, and even that of cyborgs, which have become “technological beings”.

Artificial Eye

In this context, recently, the creation of an artificial eye has been announced that is capable of seeing the same, and even better, than a human eye. The purpose of this device is to help the blind, for this reason, its physical appearance is similar to that of a biological version. It is also capable of displaying stimuli in light.

This work has been carried out by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Created with Solar Panel material

This artificial eye is a spherical visual sensor that is capable of identifying shapes such as letters. As we have previously said, it maintains a structure similar to a human version, although for obvious reasons the interior is pure technology.

It has a lens to focus, a layer that does the same function as the retina, and an internal fluid similar to the vitreous humour. This eye is 2 centimetres in diameter, the sclera is made of aluminium and, finally, the rods and cones are replaced by nanowires.

These cables are made of perovskite, a material that comes from solar panels and is photosensitive. This material is in charge of the nerve endings of the artificial eye to transmit light using electrical impulses.

Can You See Everything?

According to the report published in the journal Nature, the researchers have projected letters before this artificial organ, which has been able to identify the letters “E”, “Y” and “I”. To see the result, the artificial nerve was connected to a computer.

This represents a breakthrough in the field of bionic components, although much remains to be done. In this case, you need a power supply for its operation, but perovskite is expected to do the same effect as solar panels for power.

The resolution of the image also needs to be improved, since it is currently equivalent to a mobile camera. We will see what the future holds for us in this area.

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